SKYEYE series is positioned as a fixed wing with overall lightweight, modular system and simple assembly. With progress, it lowers the threshold of aerial survey, further liberates productivity and improves the efficiency of aerial survey.


Longer range. Smarter payloads.

Engine PNP Version:

DLE60 Engine x 1
Savox 1256 x 8
23×10 High Power Propeller x 1
MT90 Long UAV Pitot Tube x 1
Nav. LED lights x 1 set
Build Kit x 1

Motor PNP Version:

Dualsky GA6000.8 180KV x 1
Dualsky 130A ESC x 1
Savox 1256 x 7
23×10 High Power Propeller x 1
MT90 Long UAV Pitot Tube x 1
Nav. LED lights x 1 set
Build Kit x 1

Skyeye S472 is capable of carrying a payload of 10 to 12 kg, making it particularly suitable for missions requiring heavy instrumentation for aerial mapping, geological exploration, or environmental monitoring. Its long wingspan and optimized wing area design provide excellent flight stability and efficiency, capable of operating stably across various climatic conditions.
Ideal for long-duration surveillance, rescue missions, scientific data collection, and other scenarios requiring extended flight time and significant payload capacity. Its unique fuel system and structural design make it an excellent choice for executing demanding tasks.

Application Scenarios


Ideal for continuous monitoring of large areas, useful for border security and environmental observation.

Rescue Operations

Can carry search and rescue equipment, helping teams locate people in difficult terrains.

Scientific Research

Suitable for environmental and geological studies, carrying instruments to collect extensive data.

Aerial Mapping

Perfect for detailed geographical mapping and exploration, supporting heavy and multiple sensors.